Anytown Chiropractors Treat Disc Herniation

Today’s Anytown chiropractic blog discusses disc herniation. Anytown folks with a herniated disc are no strangers to back pain. The good news is that I effectively treat herniated discs at my Anytown chiropractic office.

Between each vertebrae of the spine is a soft shock-absorbing cushion called the intervertebral disc. The disc is composed of the nucleus pulposus (the inner-most part), the annulus fibrosus, and the vertebral end-plates. The discs connect the vertebrae and allow the spine to move and rotate.

When a disc is pushed outside its proper place between the vertebrae, it is called a ‘herniated disc’. It is also referred to as a ‘slipped disc’ or ‘ruptured disc’.

When a disc becomes herniated, the cushion for the surrounding vertebrae is partially removed. At a certain point, the nerves in the spinal cord become pinched. This pinching can cause weakness or pain in the back, buttocks, legs, shoulders, or neck–depending on where the disc is located. Disc herniation is linked to endometriosis, sterility, urinary problems, impotence, and constipation.

Signs That Pain May Be Caused By A Herniated Disc
  • Electric shock pain down arms or legs.
  • Abnormal sensations such as numbness or tingling.
  • Pain in the shoulders and neck.
  • Pain in the buttocks or upper legs.
  • Muscle imbalance.
  • Difficulty moving.
  • Pain is worse after sitting or standing for a long period of time.

These symptoms may be caused by other types of spinal malfunction. If you have persistent back pain, schedule a chiropractic spinal assessment by calling my friendly wellness team at 801.938.3466. Diagnosing your problem is the first step to effective and lasting pain relief.

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