Spinal Engineers Treat High Blood Pressure In Salt Lake City

Hello Salt Lake City friends. I hope you are feeling at the top of your game today. As a doctor of chiropractic, it is very gratifying to help my patients overcome painful health conditions and get back into life.

Some health problems, however, do not always cause pain. One of these is high blood pressure. Many Salt Lake City adults with high blood pressure don’t even know they have it.

Did you know that chiropractic treatment can help lower high blood pressure? A 2007 study conducted at the University of Chicago hypertension center showed a significant drop in blood pressure for study subjects who received a realignment of the Atlas vertebra. Marshall Dickholtz Sr., DC the chiropractor who performed the procedure in the trial refers to the Atlas vertebra as ‘fuse box to the body.’

‘At the base of the brain are two centers that control all the muscles of the body. If you pinch the base of the brain-if the Atlas gets locked in a position as little as a half a millimeter out of line-it doesn’t cause any pain but it upsets these centers.’

Dr. Dickholtz calls himself a ‘spinal engineer that uses mathematics, geometry and physics’ in the course of treating patients.1

Could chiropractic treatment improve your health? Though chiropractors work with muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, the treatments are designed to allow the nervous system to function properly. The nervous system controls everything in the body. Chiropractic treatment is holistic, meaning its benefits are not isolated to one area of the body.

You may be surprised to know that chiropractors treat fibromyalgia, depression, allergies, and sleep disorders. If traditional medicine has not yielded answers to your health problems, I invite you to try chiropractic. Call my office today to schedule an evaluation. I look forward to your visit.

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1Daniel J. DeNoon, “Chiropractic Cuts Blood Pressure,” WebMD, March 16, 2007, http://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/news/20070316/chiropractic-cuts-blood-pressure, accessed May 9, 2011