Gain Flexibility In St. George With Advanced Chiropractic

Hello St. George chiropractic blog visitors. If the subject of today’s chiropractic article caught your eye, I suspect that you’re having trouble moving your body.

Loss of flexibility creeps up on St. George folks. Without noticing, you begin rotating your shoulders because your neck is stiff. A few years later, your shoulders have become so stiff that you have to twist your spine to reach something in the back seat of the car. After an hour of raking leaves, your back starts aching and you have to quit. Getting dressed in the morning takes longer and you can’t bend over to tie your shoes.

One day you wake up so stiff and sore that you wonder if you were hit by a truck while you were sleeping.

Loss of flexibility is often caused by spinal degeneration. Loss of flexibility is not just a bone, muscle, and ligament problem. It is also a nerve problem. When a nerve is pinched because of spinal misalignment, important signals misfire. If a nerve can’t alert you to a problem, you can’t address it. Instead, you begin to move in ways that make things worse. Over time, joint after joint is affected.

Without flexibility, it is hard to enjoy life. Working and playing both hurt. Lack of exercise causes muscles to lose their strength. Some St. George people in their thirties feel like they are in their seventies because their joints are so stiff.

However, some St. George people in their seventies have the flexibility of an 18 year-old gymnast. Why? They practice a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent strength-building exercises, proper nutrition, effective stress management, and chiropractic treatment to prevent spinal degeneration and other problems that inhibit range of motion.

If you have lost flexibility, it’s time to treat it before it makes it impossible to enjoy your favorite activities. Schedule a chiropractic consultation by calling Johnson Chiropractic Marketing at 801.938.3466. I would be happy to explain the process in more detail than this short chiropractic blog article allows.

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