Reducing Backache from Backpacks in Anytown Many students in Utah, elementary age through college age, carry backpacks full off of school supplies. This is a very convenient way to carry around your school stuff, however, when backpacks are too heavy or worn incorrectly they can cause backache, a prolonged pain in your back.

Improper backpack use in Anytown can put your back at a higher risk for injuries to the musculoskeletal system, the system of muscles and bones that work together to help you move. Learning how to wear you backpack properly can help reduce backache from wearing a backpack.

Wearing your backpack off one shoulder in Utah is common, and one of the ways that you can put your back at a higher risk for injuries since it puts you off balance. By simply wearing both straps you can balance your load evenly and potentially reduce your risk of backache or other injuries.

Other ways to alleviate possible backache resulting from wearing your backpack in Utah are, loading heavy items first positioning them so that they rest against the center of your back between your shoulder blades, wearing your backpack in middle of your back, and not letting your backpack extend below your lower back.

But one of the main things you can do to help avoid backache from wearing a backpack in Anytown is to lighten your load. When a backpack is too heavy, your back muscles and tissues can be exposed to a higher risk of injury and backache. Many people recommend that to avoid backache in Anytown the weight in your backpack should not exceed 15 percent of your body weight. Thus a typical second grader could reasonably carry about 7 and 1/2 pounds without exceeding this limit.

If you are suffering from backache or are concerned about the health of your musculoskeltal system your local Anytown chiropractor may be able to help.

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