Caring For Your Amazing Spine In Salt Lake City

Hi, I’m Chiropractor Chris Johnson of Johnson Chiropractic Marketing. Today’s article talks about the focus of my specialty: a healthy spine.

Have you ever contemplated your amazing spine? No Salt Lake City engineer or Provo mechanic could create such a strong, flexible, living organism. The spine provides vertical support, an almost limitless range of motion, and protection for your spinal cord.

Your spine allows you to swing a club at your favorite Provo golf course, pick up a toddler, or vacuum your home.

The spinal column consists of 24 vertebrae connected with muscles and ligaments. It houses and protects your spinal cord, the nerves that orchestrate all functions: from breathing to metabolization to circulation. The happiest Provo people I know work hard and play hard, taking advantage of the activities available in our beautiful area.

If your lifestyle is being adversely affected by back pain, I invite you to discover a drug-free approach to health through chiropractic treatment at Johnson Chiropractic Marketing .

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