Treating Nerve Interference In St. George

Today’s St. George chiropractic article addresses the topic of nerve interference. I am Chiropractor Chris Johnson of Johnson Chiropractic Marketing.

Because your nervous system keeps you alive, nature provided protection for it. Your brain is housed in your thick skull (no offense) and your spinal cord has the spine for protection.

The spinal structure of individual vertebrae is quite useful for strength, movement, and flexibility, however, there is another important reason the spine is not formed of one solid bone like the skull.

The spaces between the vertebrae provide openings for nerve roots to carry signals to every organ, joint, and tissue in the body.

Unfortunately, the spine can be compromised in a number of ways. It is easy to understand how an impact injury can wrench your back. However, not all spine damage is caused by a a single event like a rough tackle on a football field or a car accident on a busy Utah interstate.

St. George people who tense up in stressful situations can cause damage by the repetition of the muscle tightening action.

The spine can also be damaged by chemical changes that occur over time and affect the tone of the muscles and ligaments.

When a joint is partially dislocated, the affected nerve can malfunction. This is called Nerve Interference. If you cut your blow dryer’s electrical cord, it will not turn on. Pinch the nerves that control your lungs and you’ve got a bigger problem.

Many St. George folks use pain medications to treat pain and reduce inflammation. St. George chiropractors are trained to correct the subluxation that causes nerve interference, not simply treat the symptoms triggered by the malfunction.

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