Take a Load Off Anytown

Accessories keep Anytown residents fashionable. Along with the perfect jewelry and shoes, people in the Provo, St. George, and Bountiful areas want great purses, bags, backpacks, and briefcases to complete their style and haul all of their stuff. But if you are concerned with neck pain or lower back pain, Anytown chiropractors recommend that you think twice before overloading these handy accessories.

If you carry a bag that weighs more than ten percent of your body weight, it can put your entire body off balance. If the weight is hanging from one shoulder, upper-body movement is restricted and the spine becomes curved to compensate for the imbalance. Once the spine is curved, the legs come out of alignment.

Since our legs are the foundation for our entire musculoskeletal system, when Salt Lake City residents force them into an unnatural position, pain and discomfort is sure to follow. Chiropractors in Provo, St. George, and Bountiful frequently treat patients with back pain, neck pain and leg pain that could be reduced or prevented by changing a few things about their purses and briefcases.

To avoid unnecessary pain, choose a wide, adjustable strap on your purses and briefcases. It needs to be long enough to go over the head to evenly distribute the weight of the bag across the body. Also, while walking around Anytown, frequently switch which shoulder the bag or purse hangs from.

People in Provo, St. George, and Bountiful should take the time to remove unnecessary items from their bags. Think about your daily tasks and be choosy about what you carry around Salt Lake City with you.

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