Aging St. George Adults Can Stay In The Game

Active St. George adults want to stay active as they age. They are enjoying the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of regular exercise and don’t plan on giving those up. Unfortunately, our bodies often start working against us. Our discs and joints weaken. Inflammation sets in. Our bones can lose density and become brittle. Injuries take longer to heal. Failing eyesight can affect our workouts. Minor aches and pains get worse.

Regular chiropractic treatment can help mature adults stay healthy and keep exercising as they age.

Chiropractic treatment:

Increases mobility
Decreases arthritic joint pain
Helps maintain flexibility
Decreases inflammation
Improves balance and coordination
Reduces muscular spasms
Contributes to emotional health
Can improve energy level
Helps the nervous system function properly

If you want to resume an exercise program that was put on hold because of joint stiffness or back pain, we can get you back in the game. If you have not exercised regularly in the past but are ready to get in shape now, I would love to work with you as you make the transition.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of regular exercise. Call my Anytown practice today at 801.938.3466 to schedule an appointment.

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