Anytown Spine Adjustment My name is Chris Johnson. You may have heard the terms “spinal adjustment” and “spinal manipulation” used interchangeably when describing Anytown chiropractors. Both terms refer to a process through which the spine is realigned or readjusted in an effort to improve overall health and wellness.

Some Anytown chiropractors prefer the use of the term “spinal adjustment” as it seems to better describe the correct chiropractic process.

Lower back pain for people in Anytown is sometimes the result of vertebrae in the spine moving out of their normal position in relation to the overall structure of the back.

The back is a complex system of ligaments, joints, tissues, muscles, and other vertebrae. All must be working in harmony for things to feel good, and a spinal adjustment may be what you need.

A regular spinal adjustment to your spine can help move any misaligned components back into position, and may improve lower back pain, neck pain, and even headaches.

Spine adjustments are applied gently by a trained and licensed chiropractor. I am a trained and licensed chiropractor working in Anytown at Johnson Chiropractic Marketing.

Come and see us: we’ll develop an individual plan to incorporate the techniques best suited to your individual needs, age, and condition. At Johnson Chiropractic Marketing our specialty is spinal adjustment.

At Johnson Chiropractic Marketing, we offer Spinal manipulation, alternative treatments, and . If you are looking for a professional spinal adjustment in the area, give us a call at 801.938.3466.