Treating Shoulder Pain At Johnson Chiropractic Marketing In Anytown

Many patients come to my Anytown chiropractic office complaining of shoulder pain.

‘All I did was rake leaves in my yard for a couple hours.’
‘I guess I twisted the wrong way when I was lifting weights at the Anytown fitness center.’
‘We just moved into our new Salt Lake City home and I spent all of yesterday unpacking boxes and moving furniture.’

Whatever the cause, shoulder pain can make strenuous movement impossibly painful and even affect simple daily activities like driving, showering, and cooking.

‘The human shoulder is an intricate system of bones, joints, connective tissues and muscles that place the arm and hand in a position that allows them to function. It derives its stability from a group of four small muscles (known as the rotator cuff) and another five muscles that stabilize the scapula (shoulder blade) and guide the entire shoulder joint along the rib cage during arm motions. Some experts state that the upper extremities can assume more than 1,600 positions.’1

Surgery is sometimes a drastic last resort for Salt Lake City shoulder pain patients. Unfortunately, surgery does not always fix what it is supposed to fix. If you have been suffering from shoulder pain, but have not tried chiropractic, I invite you to try it before considering surgery.

Anytown chiropractors are experienced in effective, conservative, non-surgical treatment of shoulder pain. Come visit my chiropractic practice in Anytown for an informative shoulder evaluation. Chiropractic treatment is more affordable than surgery and I believe it is far less likely to cause irreversible damage. It can also reduce the need for prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications.

In addition to treating shoulder pain, I provide Spinal manipulation, massage, and alternative treatments.

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1Peter Ronai, M.S., RCEP, ‘Exercise and Shoulder Pain,’ American College of Sports Medicine,, accessed on March 1, 2011