Posture Alleviates Salt Lake City Back Pain In the Salt Lake City area and the surrounding cities of Anytown, Provo, and St. George posture commonly refers to the position of your body when standing or sitting. Good posture can bring to mind images of people balancing stacks of books on their head as they practice poise, or a classroom full of students sitting at their desks straight as boards. Yet understanding proper posture and how posture affects your back and spine in the area around is more involved than these images suggest.

Maintaining a healthy posture is not just a matter of sitting like a board or balancing books on your head, it involves the balanced function of the entire system of your back. Exhibiting a healthy posture in Anytown is an indication of being balanced and can help keep your spine and back healthy which lessens your chances of incurring back pain.

Your spine and the system of tendons, muscles, and ligaments that make up your back allow your body to move and support your body against forces such as gravity. Maintaining adequate posture in the Salt Lake City area involves carrying your body in a way to avoid injury by allowing all of the aforementioned aspect of your back, such as your bones and muscles, to work together.

When one aspect of your back is out of whack the balance is thrown off. As other aspects attempt to make up for the misalignment by overcompensating or stretching injury can occur. Practicing healthy posture in Provo and St. George helps keep all of these elements in synch and can provide you with increased mobility, circulation, and breathing.

You can asses the health of your posture in the Salt Lake City area by observing your posture habits. It is incorrect to think that good posture necessitates a completely flat back. Your spine has natural curves to it that both balance and support your body. There should be a slight curve inward at the neck, a slight curve outward at the chest, and a slight curve inward at the lower back.

Anytown, Provo, and St. George residents can get a rough idea for the healthiness of their posture by doing the following test. Stand against a wall with you feet 6 inches from the baseboard. Make sure the back of your head and your bum are touching the wall and with your hand measure the space between the wall and your neck and the space between the wall and your lower back. Due to the natural curves in your spine a measurement of about 2 inches at the neck and about 1-2 inches at the small of your back indicates that your posture is in good condition.

Since improper posture can be a concern for residents of the Salt Lake City area and the surrounding cities of Anytown, Provo, and St. George (because it can be an indicator of problems with your spine), contact Johnson Chiropractic Marketing located at 123 North Main Street Anytown, Utah 84123 for an assessment.

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