Does Chiropractic Treatment Hurt At Johnson Chiropractic Marketing?

Hello! I’m chiropractor Chris Johnson of Johnson Chiropractic Marketing. As a chiropractic physician, I take every opportunity to educate people about the value of chiropractic treatment and debunk the myths that circulate around the Salt Lake City area.

One of the misconceptions about chiropractic treatment is: ‘It’s gonna hurt!’ Are chiropractic adjustments painful?

The chiropractic spinal adjustment is the most common chiropractic procedure and is used to treat spinal misalignment. Credentialed chiropractors are the only Provo healthcare professionals trained to perform this procedure correctly.

Most of my Provo chiropractic patients experience no pain or discomfort during treatment.

New chiropractic patients are sometimes nervous during their first treatment. If they are stiff or tense, they may feel some discomfort during the adjustment process. I do all I can to help my Provo chiropractic patients relax during treatment.

Chiropractic patients with serious back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain may feel a bit of discomfort because of the severity of their misalignment or injury. Inflammation can make any movement uncomfortable. Even if some discomfort is experienced during treatment, when the misalignment is corrected, it is well worth it!

It is common for my Provo chiropractic patients to leave my office feeling better after their adjustment. Some say they feel ‘less stressed’, ‘energetic’, or ‘able to move easier’.

Don’t be dissuaded by misconceptions. Schedule a chiropractic consultation today by calling 801.938.3466. I look forward to discussing Spinal manipulation.


Chiropractor Chris Johnson
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